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A Designer Handbag by Xu Junquan~ 许均铨 《一只名贵手袋》 with English Translations


许均铨 《一只名贵手袋》





A Designer Handbag

Abraham drew out a designer handbag from his luggage and placed it on the table in the designing room. Then he took out his camera and started taking pictures of the front, sides and back, two of each. After that he called his designer Basil through his extension, asking him to come over.
“This handbag cost me four thousand Hong Kong dollars. Look at it. Isn’t it a beautiful, splendid design? I want the sewing pattern of this handbag. Do it for me at once,” said Abraham, stroking the goatee on his chin.
“Got it, Boss! I’ll do it right away. Do you want to have one made as well?” Basil knew what his boss wanted next.
Abraham nodded. “Hey, be very careful and don’t scratch the handbag when you do the measurements. Also, return it to me in its original packaging before you go home.”
“Got it! I’ll wear my gloves.” Basil did not know why his boss loved this handbag so much. The other handbags in the office were also quite expensive, though slightly cheaper.
Abraham was a handbag wholesaler. He had purchased his favorite handbag at a commodities fair not long before. As long as his employees had a sample, they would be able to produce fair imitations. That is why he was willing to make such an investment. At first, he did find it a little too costly for just one single design, but on second thought decided to use it for another purpose in addition to producing knockoffs.
As usual, Abraham hugged his wife when he returned home from work.
“I have a gift for you.” He drew out from his luggage a box wrapped in colored paper and gave it to his wife. “See if you like it.”
On receiving the gift, his wife, who could not wait, tore open the wrapper and saw an elegant handbag inside a transparent plastic box. She became speechless when she found a receipt for the unbelievable amount of four thousand Hong Kong dollars. She gazed at her husband with gentle, grateful eyes, followed by a sudden, sweet kiss.
“Abraham, my darling, how sweet of you! A watch shows the man and a handbag shows the woman. I have finally got a designer handbag!” With this she dropped on her husband another string of sweet kisses …

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