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A Woman with Oriental Charm, Bai Yang ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Bai Yang (白杨 Bái Yáng, 1920-1997) was a woman with oriental charm. She made a name for herself when she played the leading role in the 1936 film Crossroads. In the film, Bai performed alongside Zhao Dan (赵丹 Zhào Dān) in her portrayal of Yang Zhiying (杨芝瑛 Yáng Zhīyīng), a young instructor at a cotton mill from a bourgeois family.

In the 1940s, Bai starred in Clouds and Moon over 8,000 Li of Roads and The Spring River Flows East. In The Spring River, Bai played the heroine, Li Sufen, a woman of a dignified demeanor, sincere and rich inner feelings and a traditional Chinese sense of womanhood and responsibility. Her performance was well received by audiences. Bai continued performing until the ’60s in such films as For the Sake of Peace, New Year’s Sacrifice, Jin Yuji, Dongmei, and others.

She reached the highest level of her performing ability as Mrs. Xianglin in the 1956 film New Year’s Sacrifice. In her late years, Bai developed a graceful and natural, yet distinct style. Her movements and facial expressions reflected her characters’ temperaments and the requirements of the films, which truly revealed her innate refinement and gentleness – a captivating unique to women in the Orient.


Crossroads 十字街头(1937)
A Spring River Flows East 一江春水向东流(1947)
New Year Sacrifice 祝福(1957)

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