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About the Shixia Site

Geographical Location: Qujiang County, Guangdong Province

Period: 2,900-2,700 BC

Excavated in 1973

Significance: The finding has provided important material objects for the study of the disintegration of the primitive society of Lingnan area, which covers the Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region nowadays.


The site which overlaps chronologically both Hemudu and the southwest Guangxi Shell Middens is in northern Guangdong at Shixia(石厦Shíshà). This site has three stratums corresponding to the Western Zhou to Spring and Autumn period, Xia and Shang, and the late Neolithic Age. Shixia is far closer to Hemudu in its richness than the Guangxi Shell Middens, and seemingly is tied to the late Neolithic cultures of the middle and lower Yangtze regions.

Shixia Site covers about 30,000 square meters. So far, foundation of ancient houses, storage pits, pottery kilns and tombs were discovered in the site. About 3,000 pieces of stoneware, pottery, bone ware and jade were unearthed in Shixia.

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