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Blueberry Blue 蓝莓蓝 ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Fritjof works for a Munich architectural firm and is sent to make measurements at a hospice for the dying. At the hospice Fritjof meets Hannes, a former school friend who is now in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. That life is a gift and that one has to embrace it wholeheartedly is something he learns from Hannes and from another patient in the hospice, Frau Fahrenholtz. She makes blueberry wine and carefully guards the secret of the very best blueberries: “You young people are just going to have to pull up your socks and find out for yourselves!” When Hannes and Frau Fahrenholtz die, Fritjof is able to shed his half-hearted approach to life. Now he finally discovers what it means to really live his own life.
Key words
收容所shōu rónɡ suǒ:asylum
蓝莓lán méi:blueberry
测量cè liánɡ:measure

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