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Chinese film: Kuiba魁拔

In 1664 in the Kuiba Era,the sixth generation of Kuiba revived.

Jingxin, head of Anti-Kuiba League, made a detailed plan, leading the deities attacking Kuiba’s reviving place with the weapon Origin Point. Unfortunately, the deadly strike failed. Kuiba’s reincarnation fell into the body of a boy named Manji who was adopted by Sir Man, a knight-errant.

Under Sir Man’s guidance, young Manji who had no idea of Kuiba being inside of him, strove to practice Mai Art. He insisted on his practice and was eager to defeat all other strong opponents in order to win the Seal, the certification of his identity of a knight-errant.

At the same time, the Sacred Union issued an conscription order to both the heaven and the earth for exterminating Kuiba. “Exterminating Kuiba” became overnight the biggest slogan in Kuiba land and the greatest dream for Manji to realize.

Manji want to defeat Kuiba and become the greatest knight-errant in Kuiba land!

He would fight for his dream and belief…
Key words
战胜zhàn shènɡ:defeat
妖侠yāo xiá:knight-errant
联盟lián ménɡ:union

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