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Chinese film: Vengeance: the Rise of Genghis Khan 苍狼

Wild Fox Peak, the throat of the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, connects North China and Inner Mongolia. It has been a strategic pass of the frontier and military area ever since the Jin Dynasty.

In 1211 AD, August, a half-million troops from the Jin Dynasty were fighting against a hundred thousand Mongolian soldiers under Genghis Khan’s command. It was the hinge in Chinese history — the Battle of Wild Fox Peak. Starting from this battle, the Mongolian army would completely destroy the Jin Dynasty twenty-three years later and China would subsequently enter a new period of history.

This is an ancient tale about fate and vengeance, featuring a group of losers and heroesin the ups and downs in the grand history.
Key words:
成吉思汗chénɡjí sīhán:Genghis Khan
野狐岭yěhú lǐnɡ :Wild Fox Peak
复仇fù chóu:vengeance

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