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Chinese Zodiac十二生肖(2012) ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Today, we are going to talk about a 2012 Hong Kong action film, Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖 shí’èr shēngxiào), stylized as CZ12 and also known as Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac, is produced, written, directed by, and starring Jackie Chan. It is the sequel to the 1991 film Armour of God II: Operation Condor (飞鹰计划fēiyīng jìhuà) .



Jackie Chan (成龙Chéng Lóng) reprises his role as adventurer and treasure hunter Asian Hawk, who is seeking to repatriate twelve bronze (青铜qīngtóng) heads of the animals of the Chinese zodiac that were looted from the Old Summer Palace (圆明园yuánmíngyuán) in the Second Opium War.

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