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Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Will by Sun Wen ~ 孙中山 《国父遗嘱》 with English Translations


孙中山 《国父遗嘱》




Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Will
Sun Wen

For forty years I have devoted myself to the cause of people’s revolution with but one end in view, the elevation of China to a position of freedom and equality among the nations. My experiences during these forty years have firmly convinced me that to attain this goal we must bring about a thorough awakening of our own people and ally ourselves in a common struggle with those peoples of the world who treat us on the basis of equality.

The work of the Revolution is not yet done. Let all our comrades follow my Plans for National Reconstruction, Fundamentals of National Reconstruction, Three Principles of the People, and the Manifesto of the First National Convention of our Party, and strive on for their consummation. Above all, our recent declarations in favor of the convocation of a National Convention and abolition of unequal treaties should be carried into effect with the least possible delay. This is my heartfelt charge to you.

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