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Glorious Day 风和日丽 ~ Chinese Movies&TV

At the age of 17, Yang Xiaoyi, a girl who had been dreaming of finding out her real father, regarded Liu Yunshi, the new county clerk, as her father by mistake. Liu Shijun, Liu Yunshi’s son, and Wu Siming were schoolmates of Yang Xiaoyi. However, the youngsters’ love rose billows in Yong Town. Later, Yang Xiaoyi got to know that it was Yin Zegui, the General of the Republic of China, that was her real father. After graduating from the high school, Yang Xiaoyi was admitted to a medical school and became the schoolmate with Lv Weining. She also met Yin Nanfang, General Yin’s son, and got lost in the love entanglement with Liu, Lv and Yin. Yang Xiaoyi couldn’t reunite with her real father. She met Wu Siming in Qingyun County and married him. With the start of the Cultural Revolution, things changed alot. Finally, Yang Xiaoyi and Liu Shijun were sure about the love for each other. Yang found her picture in General’s room, and she got to understand the burden of the elder generation and their inner world that was firm and warm.
Key words
书记shū jì:secretary
知青zhī qīnɡ :Educated youths
文革wén ɡé:the Cultural Revolution
懵懂měnɡ dǒnɡ:muddled; ignorant; muddleheaded

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