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Goddess of the Moon 嫦娥

Chánɡ E
嫦 娥

Biān Gǒng (Míng )

Yuè ɡōnɡ qiū lěnɡ ɡuì tuán tuán, suì suì huā kāi zhǐ zì pān.
月 宫 秋 冷 桂 团 团 , 岁 岁 花 开 只 自 攀 。

Gònɡ zài rén jiān shuō tiān shànɡ, bù zhī tiān shànɡ yì rén jiān.
共 在 人 间 说 天 上 , 不 知 天 上 忆 人 间 。

Goddess of the Moon

Bian Gong(Ming)

In the Lunar Palace of autumn cold the bay in profusion grows,

Year afteryear, she alone plucks with love the spring that blows.

Though much talk there is on earth in praise of Heaven,

Yet who knows about wistful yearnings for the earth from Heaven.

The popular Chinese myth has it that a celestial being and a sweet-scented bay inhabit the moon. People tend to imagine the Goddess of the Moon Chang’e living a happy life up there. Nevertheless, she lives in the Lunar Palace all by herself. So, however fragrant the bay blooms may smell, she alone enjoys and picks them with love. Feeling lonely and isolated, she misses the life on the earth. While admiring the bright moon, speculating that the desolate Lunar Palace lacks the vitality and animation man has had down in the human world.

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