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Han Yu: Do Not Impede the Likes of Zi Chan, Hometown School Teacher

Do Not Impede the Likes of Zi Chan, Hometown School Teacher

子 产 不 毁 乡 校 颂
我 思 古 人
伊 郑 之 侨。
以 礼 相 国
人 未 安 其 教。
游 于 乡 之 校
众 口 嚣 嚣。
或 谓 子 产:
“毁 乡 校 则 止。”
曰: “何 患 焉?
可 以 成 美。
夫 岂 多 言
亦 各 其 志。
善 也 吾 行
不 善 吾 避。
维 善 维 否
我 于 此 视。
川 不 可 防
言 不 可 弭。
下 塞 上 聋
邦 其 倾 矣。”                                                                                                          既 乡 校 不 毁
而 郑 国 以 理。


Zi Chan Bu Hui Xiang Jiao Song

Wo si gu ren
Yi zheng zhi qiao.
Yi li xiang guo
Ren wei an qi jiao.

You yu xiang zhi xiao
Zhong kou xiao xiao.
Huo wei zi chan:
“Hui xiang xiao ze zhi.”

Yue: “ He huan yan?
Ke yi cheng mei.
Fu qi duo yan
Yi ge qi zhi.

Shan ye wu xing
Bu shan wu bi.
Wei shan wei pi
Wo yu ci shi.

Chuan bu ke fang
Yan bu ke mi.
Xia sai shang long
Bang qi qing yi.”                                                                                                                            Ji xiang xiao bu hui
Er zheng guo yi li.



在 周 之 兴
养 老 乞 言。
及 其 已 衰
谤 者 使 监。
成 败 之 迹
昭 哉 可 观。
维 是 子 产
执 政 之 式。
维 其 不 遇
化 止 一 国。
诚 率 是 道
相 天 下 君。
交 畅 旁 达
施 及 无 垠。
於 虖! 四 海 所 以 不 理
有 君 无 臣。
谁 其 嗣 之
我 思 古 人。

Zai zhou zhi xing
Yang lao qi yan.
Ji qi yi shuai
Bang zhe shi jian.
Cheng bai zhi ji
Zhao zai ke guan.

Wei shi zi chan
Zhi zheng zhi shi.
Wei qi bu yu
Hua zhi yi guo.

Cheng lu shi dao
Xiang tian xia jun.
Jiao chang pang da
Shi ji wu yin.

Wu hu! Si hai suo si bu li
You jun wu chen.
Shei qi si zhi
Wo si gu ren.


Do Not Impede the Likes of Zi Chan, Hometown School Teacher

I think of ancient people like Zi Chan of the Zheng kingdom
He taught the proper respect for customs and traditions among the people.
But he does not teach the students to blindly follow palace protocols
Instead, he established a hometown school.

His style is to encourage discussions and opinions, questions and answers
Some one told Zi Chan:
“Can you stop this kind of home school”
Zi Chan replied: “What is the problem with it?”

This kind of instruction produces quality and beauty
Yes, here everyone has a voice
Also, each one has their own worth.
When they express what is wise and virtuous, this works
When what is not wise and virtuous is expressed, I work around them
Considered together, the students will discover the differences between good and bad
This way they learn faster.

River flows cannot be stopped up
Expressed words and feelings should not be quelled.
Water can flow around the strong border fortifications manned by the hard of hearing leaders
This leads to the destruction of the nation

If these hometown schools are not blocked
Then the Zheng kingdom will be prosperous and harmonious
All of the following words have been inspired by the Book of Songs
After four hundred years, the Zhou dynasty began their decline when people lied and slandered each other.

[The Zhou Dynasty was successful because trust and loyalty leads to a harmonious society. They were working together for nine generations, displayed mutual respect, and had all of the generations helping each other.]

[After the deaf and arrogant emperor Li Huang, the people changed.
Societal fear stopped the flow between the leaders and the people.]

National production and development being thwarted an outward sign
So obvious anyone can see the increasing rot.
Controllers and politicians need to follow the pattern set forth earlier by Zi Chan.
Too bad we do not have a modern day model like him.

This extension of the rot is throughout the nation
Honesty and balance along the philosophy and means of the Dao
Will promote the appearance of Heaven down here below
Express and listen to all viewpoints is like blood circulating through the body.

Good ideas can spread like wildfire
Alas! The whole world does not respect us.
We are without good government leaders
What kind of legacy are we giving to our descendants from the ancestors.



Zi Chan: (627-606 BC) lived during Kongzi’s (Confucius’) lifetime inside the Zheng kingdom. He started a hometown school. Many asked him why, with so much talent, he did not teach inside the palace. Zi Chan believed that in these home schools children were to be the foundation of the nation. They should be taught to think for themselves, and not be blind followers of the Confucian teachings to obey the monarch regardless of his actions.

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