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Kids From Shaolin少林小子(1984) ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Today,I’d like to introduce a Hong Kong action-comedy film, Kids From Shaolin (少林小子shàolín xiǎozi).It is also a 1984 Chinese kung fu film, directed by Chang Hsin-yen.

It stars Jet Li (李连杰Li Liánjié), Yu Chenghui (于承惠Yú Chénghuì), Yu Hai and Ding Lan from the original 1982 Shaolin Temple film, which is also directed by Chang. However, the plot has no bearing with the first movie and hence Kids from Shaolin is a sequel to the original in name only.

The film also stars Jet Li’s first wife Huang Qiuyan (黄秋燕Huáng Qiūyàn) as his rival and later love interest. Li first met Huang, also a martial artist, in martial school and they went on to have two daughters. (The couple is now divorced and Li is now married to Nina Li Chi, a former Hong Kong actress.)

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