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Li Bai: Ancient Langyue Musical Style

Ancient Langyue Musical Style

古 朗 月 行
小 时 不 识 月
呼 作 白 玉 盘。
又 疑 瑶 台 镜
飞 在 青 云 端。
仙 人 垂 两 足
桂 树 何 团 圆。
白 免 捣 药 成
问 言 与 谁 餐?
蟾 蜍 蚀 圆 影
大 明 夜 已 残。
羿 昔 落 九 乌
天 人 清 且 安。
阴 精 此 沦 惑
去 去 不 足 观。
忧 来 其 如 何?
恻 怆 摧 心 肝。
Gu Lang Yue Xing

Xiao shi bu shi yue
Hu zuo bai yu pan.
You yi yao tai jing
Fei zai qing yun duan.

Xian ren chui liang zu
Gui shu he tuan yuan.
Bai mian dao yao cheng
Wen yan yu shei can?

Chan chu shi yuan ying
Da ming ye yi can.
Yi xi luo jiu wu
Tian ren qing qie an.

Yin jing ci lun huo
Qu qu bu zu guan.
You lai qi ru he?
Ce chuang cui xin gan.


Ancient Langyue Musical Style

In my youth did not know much about the moon
Thought it was a white jade plate.
Some also believed it had mirrored towers of precious jade
One had to fly into the blue, to the clouds’ source.

Immortals with two feet hanging down
Cinnamon trees touching one another.
White rabbit pounds his pestle to produce his medicine
Who do you give this to?

Lunar toad eating the moon lengthens the round shadow
Does not stop until this evening light diminished.
Yi, the legendary hero archer, shot out the nine extra suns with their
interior crows
Heavenly beings for a long time peaceful and comfortable.

Sinister female and lunar essence sank into delusion with the emperor
Moon so abused, does not deserve our attention.
How can we save our moon from these sorrows?
So much sadness and sorrow, breaks my heart-mind.


White rabbit:  Also known as the Moon Rabbit. From Chinese folklore, this rabbit uses mortar and pestle to make the elixir of life for his companion, the moon goddess Chang’E.

Lunar toad:  From Chinese folklore, an image was seen by Daoists of lunar features that resembled a toad. He was the husband of the moon goddess Chang’O.

Yi:  Mythological god of archery. His wife was the moon goddess Chang’E. After ten suns arose from the earth, Yi shot down nine of them, and thus saved the earth from annihilation. For this he was gifted the pill of immortality.

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