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Li Bai: Cry For Official Heng Chao

Cry For Official Heng Chao

哭 晁 卿 衡
日 本 晁 卿 辞 帝 都
征 帆 一 片 绕 蓬 壶。
明 月 不 归 沉 碧 海
白 云 愁 色 满 苍 梧。
Ku Chao Qing Heng

Ri ben chao qing ci di dou
Zheng fan yi pian rao peng hu.                                                                                          Ming yue bu gui chen bi hai
Bai yun chou se man cang wu.


Cry For Senior Official Heng Chao

Senior official Chao leaves the capital to return to Japan
Long sailing journey, ship just one speck, has to detour around the Peng Hu islands.

He, along with the bright moon pearl, sank into the bluish-green ocean
Sun and clouds full of melancholy colors connected to the events and places of Cang Wu.



Penghu islands:  An archipelago of ninety islands in the Taiwan Strait.

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