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Meng Haoran: By Boat From Xunyang, Floating By Way of Minghai

By Boat From Xunyang, Floating By Way of Minghai

自 浔 陽 泛 舟 經 明 海 作
大 江 分 九 派
淼 漫 成 水 郷。
舟 子 乘 利 涉
往 来 到 浔 陽。
因 之 泛 五 湖
流 浪 經 三 湘。
觀 燾 壯 枚 發
弔 屈 痛 沉 湘。
魏 阙 心 常 在
金 门 诏 不 忘。
遥 怜 上 林 雁
冰 泮 已 回 翔。


Zi Xun Yang Fan Zhou Jing Ming Hai Zuo

Da jiang fen jiu pai
Miao man cheng shui xiang.
Zhou zi cheng li she
Wang lai dao xun yang.

Yin zhi fan wu hu
Liu lang jing san xiang.
Guan tao zhuang mei fa
Diao qu tong chen xiang.

Wei que xin chang zai
Jin men zhao bu wang.
Yao lian shang lin yan
Bing pan yi hui xiang.

By Boat From Xunyang, Floating by Way of Minghai

The Changjiang separates into nine branches
Vast river with many waterside villages.
Boat man walks the boat, taking advantage of the tidal flow
Coming and going, now reaching Xunyang.

Follow this flow to the Five Lakes region
Drifting on the waves to three cities on the Xiangjiang.
See great waves, like the strong Mei Cheng
Mourn for Qu Yuan, his sorrow sinking into the Xiangjiang.

The kingdom of Wei made mistakes with their morality
Jinmen imperial edicts cannot be forgotten.
In the distance, identify with the wild geese of Shang Lin
The ice has thawed, turning around, they fly away circling in the sky.



Xunyang: Currently a county in Shaanxi Province.

Qu Yuan : (340-278 BC) Famous poet and government minister.

Shang Lin: A lavish palace garden with seventy different sections and a large lake for migrating wild geese.

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