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Meng Haoran: Early Plum Blossoms

Early Plum Blossoms

早 梅
园 中 有 早 梅
年 例 犯 寒 开。
少 妇 争 攀 折
将 归 插 镜 台。
犹 言 看 不 足
更 欲 前 刀 载.
Zao Mei

Yuan zhong you zao mei
Nian li fan han kai.

Shao fu zheng pan she
Jiang gui cha jing tai.

You yan kan bu zu
Geng yu qian dao zai.


Early Plum Blossoms

Middle of the garden, have early plum blossoms
Every year these blossoms open during cold weather.

Young women go out to pick flowered branches
Upon returning, put them into their mirror stands.

Not enough fresh blossoms
They need to cut and make more out of paper or cloth.

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