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Meng Haoran: Mail to Editor Zao

Mail to Editor Zao

寄 赵 正 字
正 字 芸 香 阁
幽 人 竹 素 園。
經 過 宛 如 昨
歸 卧 寂 无 喧。
高 鸟 能 擇 木
羝 羊 漫 觸 藩。
物 情 今 已 见
漎 此 願 忘 言。
Ji Zhao Zheng Zi

Zheng zi yun xiang ge
You ren zhu su yuan.
Jing guo wan ru zuo
Gui wo ji wu xuan.

Gao niao neng ze mu
Di yang man chu fan.
Wu qing jin yi jian
Cong ci yuan wang yan.


Mail To Editor Zao

At the editor’s literary pavilion
In a secluded and quiet bamboo grove.
The building repaired and fixed many times in the past
Even though you went outside to work, you are still of the same principles,
return to relaxation without any commotion.

High flying birds can select their trees
Rams and goats get there horns stuck in a fence.
Now most within the outside world never want to see you again
From now on, want to forget words.



High flying birds:  Those in high level government positions.

Rams and goats: Those in the lower level of the government bureaucracy.

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