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Recommend the movie:失恋33天(love is not blind)


Huang Xianer is 27 years old and 3S lady , engaged in high – end wedding planning in Beijing.She is a straightforward character, sharp-tongued girl.And she broke up with boyfriend seven years of love.The movie about she and her Colleague Wang Xiaojian how to heal a broken heart in the next 33 days.



As the old saying goes time heals.Although I can’t tell you how much time it’s gonna take.



The dirtiest thing in the world is pride.



3.感谢命运让我们这样结束,不用对我觉得抱歉, 我不稀罕你的抱歉,我不稀罕你说你对我很亏欠,我要的就是这样的对等关系。一段感情里,在起点时我们彼此相爱,到结尾时,互为仇敌,你不仁我不义。我要你知道,我们始终势均力敌。
Grateful fate brought us to end like this, don’t feel sorry for me, I don’t want one of your sorry, I don’t care what you said you were owed to me, I want reciprocity. In a relationship, in the beginning, we love each other. To the end, mutual enemies, your benevolence, I don’t. I want you to know that we always close.



One day, he no longer loves you. Even if you delicate and touching is wrong, and you angry up is wrong. You and he breathes with life on the Earth is wrong. Perhaps you can die for him? Well, that let him scold on a fault when he dream at night. Avoidance of shifting life without getting.You try to pretend someone with a camera watching you. You see, good food, good wine, supply will not stop just because you love, is that toothaches can’t stand, but it won’t have to kill you.



Story is just someone else’s accident, the reality is a person’s life.



楚楚可怜chúchǔ kělián:delicate and touching;
彼此bícǐ:each other;

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