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Still Life by Zheng Chouyu ~ 郑愁予 《静物》 with English Translations


郑愁予 《静物》

斜斜倚靠著的 一列慵态的书
参差的高度 是种内省的阶梯
甜意流下来 盛於 最後的杯中
引诱看蜂足 是淡黄色的假的蜜

雨水开始浸蚀壁图 一幅
脱釉的阴天 一具令人索然的
空的眠床 是软软的灰色偎衬著我
是陈列 且在卖与非卖之间
在暗澹的时日 我是摊开扉页的书




Still Life
Zheng Chouyu

Leaning askew is a row of languid books
In straggling heights a ladder for soul-searching
Sweetness flows down and gets contained in the last cup
Enticing the bee’s legs is the pale-yellow fake honey

Rainwater begins to erode the mural a scroll of
An overcast sky in worn-out glaze A stultifying
Empty bed is a spread of soft gray snuggling up to me
And I am merely a human exhibit
An exhibit for sale and not for sale

I am also a still life in the company of wood and wind
On dismal days I am an open book
With the title page already turned last night

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