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Tao Yuanming: Instructions For My Son: Part 2

Instructions For My Son: Part 2

命 子
浑 浑 长 源
蔚 蔚 洪 柯。
群 川 载 导
众 条 载 罗。
时 有 语 默
运 因 隆 窊。
在 我 中 晋
业 融 长 沙。
桓 桓 长 沙
伊 勋 伊 德。
天 子 畴 我
专 征 南 国。
功 遂 辞 归
临 宠 不 忒。
孰 谓 斯 心
而 近 可 得?
肃 矣 我 祖
慎 终 如 始。
直 方 二 台
惠 和 千 里。
於 皇 仁 考
淡 焉 虚 止。
寄 迹 风 云
冥 兹 愠 喜。
Ming Zi

Hun hun chang yuan
Wei wei hong ke.
Qun chuan zai dao
Zhong tiao zai luo.

Shi you yu mo
Yun yin long wa.
Zai wo zhong jin
Ye rong chang sha.

Huan huan chang sha
Yi xun yi de.
Tian zi chou wo
Zhuan zheng nan guo.

Gong sui ci gui
Lin chong bu te.
Shu wei si xin
Er jin ke de?

Su yi wo zu
Shen zhong ru shi.
Zhi fang er tai
Hui he qian li.

Wu huang ren kao
Dan yan xu zhi.
Ji ji feng yun
Ming zi yun xi.


Instructions For My Son: Part 2

Like a river flowing deep and fast, far from its source
Our family a large, vast stand of dense and colorful trees.
A group of rivers filled with many tributaries
With many layers of thick branches.

After generations some family members go to the foreground and others to the background
Our fates to follow peaks and valleys.
Here we are now during the Eastern Jin Dynasty
Our destiny blended in with Changsha Gong.

Changsha very strong, handsome, and fearless
From his meritorious service, he gathered much virtue and respect.
From the Heavenly Emperor, through him, our generational legacy
Because he fought distant battles with the southern nations.

He helped and succeeded in conquering more land for the Han
Though the emperor rewarded him handsomely, he was content with gifts, and to go home and retire.
Whose name can match this heart-mind
While we, the later generations, enjoy these fruits?

So much respect for our ancestors
Known to finish everything we start.
With his truth and honesty as Er Tai
He gave to all people within hundreds of miles, harmony within the empire.

Ah, so nice to have benevolent ancestors
Indifferent to fame, later content to live back home.
He put his whole self into palace affairs, even during times of
winds and clouds
Kept his angers and joys hidden and secret.



Eastern Jin Dynasty:  (317-420 AD)

Changsha Gong: Literally means a well-respected Changsha (Hunan Province) worker, but here Tao was referring to his great-grandfather.

Er Tai: Imperial secretary and governor during Han Dynasty  times.

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