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Tao Yuanming: Poetic Reply to Former Mayor Liu

Poetic Reply to Former Mayor Liu

和 刘 柴 桑
山 泽 久 见 招
胡 事 乃 踌 躇?
直 为 亲 旧 故
未 忍 言 索 居。
良 辰 入 寄 怀
挈 杖 还 西 庐。
荒 涂 无 归 人
时 时 见 废 墟。
茅 茨 已 就 治
新 畴 复 应 畲。
谷 风 转 凄 薄
春 醪 解 讥 劬。
弱 女 虽 非 男
慰 情 良 胜 无。
栖 栖 世 中 事
岁 月 共 相 疏 。
耕 织 称 其 用
过 此 奚 所 须。
去 去 百 年 外
身 名 同 翳 如。


He Liu Chai Sang

Shan ze jiu jian zhao
Hu shi nai chou chu ?
Zhi wei qin jiu gu
Wei ren yan suo ju.

Liang chen ru ji huai
Qie zhang huan xi lu.
Huang tu wu gui ren
Shi shi jian fei xu.

Mao ci yi jiu zhi
Xin chou fu ying she.
Gu feng zhuan qi bo
Chun lao jie ji qu.

Ruo nu sui fei nan
Wei qing liang sheng wu.
Qi qi shi zhong shi
Sui yue gong xiang shu.

Geng zhi chen qi yong
Guo ci xi suo wu.
Qu qu bai nian wai
Shen ming tong yi ru.


Poetic Reply to Former Mayor Liu

For a long time I have been attracted to the mountain pools
Why have I hesitated to join you?
Originally my reason was to stay with my family and relatives
Not yet ready to tell them I need to live in seclusion.

This auspicious day and season can enter my expansive heart
Take up my cane, go back to the western hut.
Without groups of people, the grasses spread naturally
Again and again see abandoned cemeteries.

The thatched roof has been renewed
Newly cultivated land ready for its amendments.
Valley winds turning chilly and cold
It’s now time to break out the spring wine.

This wine is too weak, not yet aged and strong
Yet able to soothe my emotions, and is better than nothing.
Unlike birds who fly more than to roost
Now it is my time to settle into a quiet and familiar place.

Only need to patch my old clothes and cultivate the land
Do not need to spend time in any other place.
Time is short before I die
My body, my reputation can share the same fate.



Lushan (Mt. Lu): Located near Jiujiang in the province of Jiangxi. Nowadays a national park and UNESCO site.

Mountain pools: The beauty and serenity of mountain wilderness.



Mr. Liu asks Tao Yuanming to come and visit him in mountain seclusion, at Lushan, a famous Buddhist temple.

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