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The Bronze Swallow Terrace ——铜雀台 ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Title: The Bronze Swallow Terrace

Directed by Zhao Linshan

Written by Wang Bin

Starring: Chow Yun-fat, Liu Yifei, Qiu Xinzhi

Editing by Cheng Long

Studio Changchun Film Studio

Release date(s) September 26, 2012 (2012-09-26)


Originally entitled “Bronze Sparrow Terrace”, the movie features

Chow Yun-Fat as the famous Three Kingdoms period strategist, Cao

Cao. After taking the Han Emperor under his wing for years, Cao

built a magnificent terrace to symbolize his power, and rumors

spread that he would replace the Emperor. However, astronomical

signs predicted a dramatic twist and a pair of secret assassins

appeared to change everything.

铜雀台Tóng Què Tái: The Bronze Swallow Terrace
三国时期Sānɡuó Shíqī: the Three Kingdoms period
曹操Cáo Cāo: Cao Cao
刘亦菲Liú Yìfēi: Liu Yifei

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