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The orphan of Zhao family赵氏孤儿

In the Spring and Autumn Period, Tu Angu, the most powerful Commandant of Jin State, controlled the politics, economy and military. He launched a coup in the palace that made Emperor Jinggong believe that Zhao Shuo was the mastermind of the coup. Jinggong fell into the trap and ordered to kill Zhao family. Cheng Ying saved the only son of Zhao family at the risk of death, and tried to get Tu’s trust. After 18 years, Tu Ye, Tu Angu’s son was endowed with both civil and martial virtues and became a promised successor of Jin’s political power. However, there were rumors saying that he wasn’t Tu’s real son. With the disclosing of the truth, the brutal violence of Tu Angu was abundantly clear. Tu Yue’s real name was Zhao Wu, who actually was the real son of Zhao family. Cheng Ying, the hanger-on of Tu Angu, who was disdained by others all his life, won at last and set up an example of justice.


Key words

正义zhènɡ yì:justice
太尉tài wèi:Commandant 

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