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The Policeman and the Thief by Lin Wanli ~ 林万里 《警察与小偷》 with English Translations


林万里 《警察与小偷》







The Policeman and the Thief
Lin Wanli

The doorbell was ringing. After a while, the maidservant ran into my room and said, “Sir, I don’t know what happened. The policeman is here.”
I went out. Indeed, a policeman stood outside and behind him was a man whose face had been badly battered and whose hands were cuffed. The policeman waved the radio in his hand and asked me, “Sir, please have a close look at it. Is this yours?”
“No, no, we haven’t such a radio.” I quickly replied. As a matter of fact, I bought that radio last year and sent it to my kid as a birthday present. 15 days ago, it was stolen. For fear of incurring any troubles I didn’t want to claim for it now.
The policeman pointed at the thief and said, “He has already confessed that he climbed over the wall and stole it in your house. Now that you disavow it, you’d better ask him in person. Not reporting the burglary or property loss to the police station is illegal. Don’t you know any law? If you insist on your mistake, please follow me to the police station where you can talk about your reasons. We’ll record your words and the case will be transferred to the legal court.” He said in an arrogant manner.
“Sir, you are a sensible man, and of course we can settle it here if you like. I don’t feel like beating about the bush. Let me put it directly: You give me 300,000 dongs as the close-case fee. Look, what a simple method!”
“It is too much. Charge me less, OK? You know a new radio of that kind only costs 90,000 dongs.” “A penny less is impossible. No bargain. We are not doing business trade here. You’d better know I am here to relieve you of your trouble, namely, I am saving you.” How fair-sounding!
“Impossible! The radio is the material evidence. Without it how could I catch him?” The policeman turned his head and looked at the thief.
I was down on my luck! The stolen radio was gone, plus, I was blackmailed for 300,000 dongs.
Taking over the money, the policeman began to count it in front of me. Having finished counting, he said to me, “Thanks! If the similar thing happens in the future, don’t forget to report it to the police station. Please bear it in mind.” Everyone knew that the case-reporting cost money!
I said nothing to him, but turned to pour my whammy and anger onto that thief. Pointing at his nose, I shouted, “In the future, if you have an opportunity to climb over the wall and steal in my house, do remember not to be caught by the police. Please bear it in mind.”

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