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To Ganders 咏鹅

Yŏng E
咏 鹅

Luò Bīnwáng
骆 宾 王

É é é
鹅 鹅 鹅,

qū xiàng xiàng tiān gē.
曲 项 向 天 歌。

Bái máo fú lǜ shuĭ,
白 毛 浮 绿 水,

hóng zhăng bō qīng bō.
红 掌 拨 清 波。


English translation: 
To Ganders
Luò bīn wáng
goose, goose, goose,
Sing to sky with necks incurving.
White feathers afloat on verdant waters,
Orange palmate feet push the clear water.


Author Brief:
Luò bīn wáng(640AD-684AD), a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, wrote this poem at seven years old. He was regarded as the one of the four distinguished poems in early Tang Dynasty.

生词(Shēngcí) Vocabulary:
1. 咏( yŏng): v to admire something
2. 项( xiàng): n the back of the neck
3. 掌( zhăng): n the paw of the gander
4. 拨( bō): v to push aside
5. 清波( qīng bō): v the clear wave

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