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Luo Yin Poem: To the Bee – 罗隐《蜂》







[1] 占:因为押平声韵,而读作zhan,是占领的意思。

To the Bee

Luo Yin

On the plain or atop the hill,

Of beauty you enjoy your fill.

You gather honey from flowers sweet.

For whom are you busy and fleet?

The poet complains of the labor lost of the bee.


“To the Bee” is a seven-line poem written by Luo Yin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first two lines are about bees flying to the tip of a flat mountain, experiencing the infinite beautiful scenery, not hesitating to work hard and brave hardships. The last two lines are about bees collecting flowers and making honey for people to enjoy, working hard for people and giving them sweetness. By describing the natural phenomenon of bees collecting flowers and making honey for human enjoyment, the poem is a metaphor for the reality that the fruits of labor of the working people are cruelly exploited by the feudal ruling class, showing the poet’s sympathy for the working people. The poem is a subtle poem, with words near and far, and the technique of interspersed narrative and discussion works well together, the language narration is not too rhetorical, plain and thoughtful, elegant and complemented by deep words.

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