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Tsinghua University – Capture the beauty in autumn with photography

Each season is characterized by its own charm. For autumn, its distinct charm originates from brilliant colors, fluttering leaves, bleak branches and dancing lives. The beauty of Tsinghua campus in autumn is breathtaking. How can we capture this beauty with photography?

Here is a useful guideline for you to follow!


Photography is an art of time, freezing-frame the flowing views.

Photography is also an art of space, providing insights for those who can’t reach in the flesh.

Let’s start by appreciating excellent examples and listen to what our photographers say!

Tsinghua University – Shot at the stone lion in front of the Gong Zi Ting.

Tsinghua University – Beside the West Lecture Hall

Tsinghua University – ginkgo leaves on both sides of the flagstone road

Tsinghua University – Autumn in Tsinghua is quite colorful.

Tsinghua University – Colorful leaves blend with the river


Whether you prefer to use your phone or your camera to take photos, this guideline will inspire you in common methods, ideas and tips. While autumn still lingers, seize your chance to capture the beauty of surroundings!

Photographers: Liu Tong, Du Kunlin, Zhang Yuxuan, Wei Minglun, Yang Yuhan, Li Yuhui, Zhong Hao, Jia Baoru, Zhao Fangyilan, Ren Xiaoyu, Wang Tao, Gong Xinran

Writers: Wang Jingjing, Wang Jingyi, Liu Ruoqi

Tsinghua University – On the No.1 High Residential Area Building

Tsinghua University – On the bike

Tsinghua University – Under the red maple tree in front of the Medical Science Building

Tsinghua University – Northeast corner of West Gymnasium back pavilion

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