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Wang Wei: A Pepper Tree Garden

A Pepper Tree Garden

椒 园
桂 尊 迎 帝 子
杜 若 贈 佳 人。
椒 浆 奠 瑶 席
欲 下 雲 中 君。
Jiao Yuan

Gui zun ying di zi
Du ruo zeng jia ren.                                                                                                                 Jiao jiang dian yao xi
Yu xia yun zhong jun.


A Pepper Tree Garden

Osmanthus blossoms give their respects to the celestial emperor’s children
Their flowering pauses as a gift for the prettiest of ladies.

Thick pepper sauce offers up a wonderful treat for party tables
Later expect that the immortals will come down from heaven.



Osmanthus: Native evergreen tree-shrub, known for it’s aromas and flower tea.

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