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Woman Basketball Player No. 5 女篮5号 ~ Chinese Movies&TV

Today, I will introduce a Chinese film which called Woman Basketball Player No. 5 (女篮5号nǚ lán 5 hào). So let us have a brief introduction.

Woman Basketball Player No. 5 is a 1957 Chinese film presented by Tian Ma Film Studio and directed by Xie Jin (谢晋Xiè Jìn), starring Qin Yi (秦怡Qín Yí), Liu Qiong (刘琼Liú Qióng), Cao Qiwei and Wang Qi (王学圻Wáng Xuéqí) . It is the first colored sports movie filmed after the formation of the People’s Republic of China, and also the first film directed by renowned film director Xie Jin.


Before the establishment of PRC, Lin Jie (林洁Lín Jié), the daughter of the boss of East China Basketball Team in Shanghai, falls in love with the leading player of the team, Tian Zhenhua (田振华Tián Zhènhuá). During a game against foreign marine soldiers, the boss takes bribery and orders the team to lose the game. Due to his nationalist dignity, however, Tian leads the team to victory, against the will of the boss. As a result, the boss hires thugs to beat Tian, and also forces his daughter to marry a rich man. 18 years later, Tian is now the coach of Shanghai Woman Basketball Team. Xiao Jie, the daughter of Lin, is a girl with basketball talent but also has prejudice towards sports career. Tian educates and helps her with patience. Xiao Jie was injured in a game and hospitalized. Tian and Lin accidentally reunite when both visiting Xiao Jie and their love is reborn. Xiao Jie is later elected into national team and will participate in international games.

This is a very fabulous film.

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