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Write “教”(teach) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “教”.

教 jiào
Explanation:teach; instruct
Phrases:教导(jiào dǎo) instruct ; 教会(jiào huì) church
“教”(  )的右边是一只手握着一根棍子( );而左边是小孩因受体罚后留在头上的疤痕( )。从这个字看出古时候的教育制度是多么严格。
 The original character showed a hand holding a stick on the right side(  ), and on the lower left, a child with some kind of marks on its head from being beaten( ), This shows how education was in the old days, discipline was strict and , as shown in this character, often involved physical punishment.


1.Zài lǎoshī de jiàodǎo xià,wǒ shēnxǐng le zìjǐ de cuòwù.
    Under the teacher’s instructions, I fully realized my mistakes.


2.Nàge gū’ér bèi sòngdào yìsuǒ jiàohuì xuéxiào shàngxué.
    That orphan was sent to a missionary school for education.
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