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Write “水”(water) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “水”.

水 shuĭ
Explnantion: water
Phrases: 水彩(shuí cǎi) watercolour ; 水果(shuí ɡuǒ) fruit
你说“水”字像不像一条河流( )?河流四周被很多水点围住,一看便知道是水。用水作部首的字多数跟河流、水份、液体有关。水对人类来说是极其重要,因为人体缺少了水便不能生存。
The original character was formed by a stream in the middle ( ) with dots on both sides representing drops of water. In the inscriptions on oracle bones, the number of “drop” of water varied, but later it was fixed as two for each side. Gradually it developed to the form we see today. 水as a radical is usually written as . Chinese characters with this radical mostly have something to do with water.


1. Zhècì zhǎnchū de zuòpǐn duō shì zhōng xuéshengmen huà de shuǐcǎihuà.
Many of the works exhibited are watercolor paintings by middle school students.


2.Súhuà shuō chī shuǐguǒ yǒuyì jiànkāng,yīnzhī,wǒmen yào duō chī shuǐguǒ.
As the saying goes, eating fruit is good for your health, so we need to eat more fruit.
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