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Yang Wanli: Autumn Evening Reading Books

Autumn Evening Reading Books

秋 夜 读 书
稚 子 慵 都 睡
先 生 唤 不 应
虫 声 窗 外 月
书 册 夜 深 灯。
半 醉 聊 今 古
千 年 几 废 兴?
有 怀 人 未 会
不 乐 我 何 曾!
Qiu Ye Du Shu

Zhi zi yong dou shui
Xian sheng huan bu ying.
Chong sheng chuan wai yue
Shu ce ye shen deng.

Ban zui liao jin gu
Qian nian ji fei xing?
You huai ren wei hui
Bu le wo he ceng!


Autumn Evening Reading Books

Young children all tired and asleep
I call out to them, no answers.
Outside the windows, moon and insect sounds
Volumes of books, deep evening and lantern light.

Half drunk, thinking of ancient and modern times
Over a thousand years, how many nations have come and gone?
Have thoughts and insights inside me, yet no one can understand
This is why I am so unhappy!

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