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Get a 20 Hours Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online Now ~ Learning Chinese

What is the 20 hours free Chinese/Mandarin Course?
We can offer you 36 lessons(20 hours) free online lessons online. The 8-hour Pronunciation Course helps you master Pinyin easily. And the 12-hour Survial Chinese Course helps you learn real Chinese for real life. It is a basic Chinese course for beginners which contains 20 units with practical topics and expressions. In addition of learning Chinese language, you will also have some basic exposure to Chinese culture and traditions which will help you a lot if you plan to travel in China. Textbook is not required in Survival Chinese.

Who can apply for?
The course is designed for those who are interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture and have very limited experience in learning Chinese.

What will you learn?
• To be able to speak standard Chinese correctly by learning basic pronunciations and tone drills of Chinese Pinyin
• To be able to communicate with local Chinese people using simple expressions
• To learn about basic knowledge about Chinese culture and traditions

When will you learn?

Total Lessons Start Time Terms of Validity
36 learn anytime 90days
•16 units for Chinese pronunciation and 20 units for Survival Chinese
• Normally it takes 9 weeks to finish all the 36 units.

Who is the teacher in free Survival Chinese/Mandarin Course?
Michael Wang
 is a Chinese teacher in Hujiang. He is an experienced teacher with over 3,000 teaching hours. He is easygoing and humorous who is extremely popular among all his foreign students “he can really make us feel relaxed during class, and his lecture is really interesting” as one of his students said. So, hope you have fun in his class.

What’s the Course Feature?


How to apply for free Chinese/Mandarin Course?
Create a free account and get a complimentary course. You can choose either of ways to apply:
No 1. Sign up from this page , then send your registered username to our E-mail:
No 2. Just send your favourite username to our E-mail: Our staff will open a account according to the name you offered.
Free Chinese/Mandarin Course will be ready for you in 24 working hours. You will receive our confirm letter.

What will you receive on Hujiang Chinese?
• A Free Chinese/Mandarin Course Online;
• A efficient and free Chinese word game — Words Plus;
• Interesting and Newest Chinese Knowlege on;
• The Best Chinese Study App: Jijizhazha Chinese.

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