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Lu Yu: Heart-Mind Enjoys a Climb Into a Pavilion

Heart-Mind Enjoys a Climb Into a Pavilion

登 赏 心 亭
蜀 栈 秦 关 岁 月 遒
今 年 乘 兴 却 东 游。
全 家 稳 下 黄 牛 峡
半 醉 来 寻 白 鹭 洲。
黯 黯 江 云 瓜 步 雨
萧 萧 木 叶 石 城 秋。
孤 臣 老 抱 忧 时 意
欲 请 迁 都 涕 已 流。
Deng Shang Xin Ting

Shu zhan qin guan sui yue qiu
Jin nian cheng xing que dong you.
Quan jia wen xia huang niu xia
Ban zui lai xun bai lu zhou.

An an jiang yun gua bu yu
Xiao xiao mu ye shi cheng qiu.
Gu chen lao bao you shi yi
Yu qing qian dou ti yi liu.


Heart-Mind Enjoys a Climb Into a Pavilion

Shu wooden walkway and a Qin mountain pass, powerful sentiments throughout the months and years
While in high spirits this year, I traveled to the east.
Entire households pass safely through the Huangniu gorge
Arrive half drunk, I look for the white egrets on the river islets.

Very dim and obscure river clouds, rain in Guabu
Autumn rustling winds, tree leaves against rock strong city walls.
This solitary official very worried about the future of our country.
We scramble to relocate our capital, many tears already flowed.



Shu walkway and a Qin mountain pass: Also known as the Hangu Pass in the province of Shaanxi. It separates the Yellow River and the Wei River valleys. A strategically important military location, and thus a site of many ancient battles.

Huangniu gorge: Located along the Changjiang (Yangzi River).

Guabu: Area of Jiangsu Province.

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