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Shandong University Of Arts

作品名称 《垂柳抚沉舟》

作者姓名 主富尧

所属高校 山东艺术学院

院系专业 广播电视编导

指导老师 王蒙

参赛类别 摄影大赛

拍摄日期 2022.10.10

拍摄地点 山东艺术学院



Looking for the most beautiful university campus in Shandong Province, China
Work name: weeping willows caressing the sinking boat
Author’s name: Principal Fuyao
Shandong University of Arts
Professional radio and television editor and director
Instructor Wang Meng
Category Photography Competition
Shooting date: October 10, 2022
Location: Shandong Academy of Arts
Description: The willows on the sloping lake gently soothe the sinking boat in the lake
Creation idea: The inclined weeping willows seem to scatter from the sky, and they are closely soothing the sunken ship in the lake. The water and the sky are connected, forming a three part composition, with rich color and structure and strong sense of hierarchy.

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