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The Basic Rules for Chinese characters Writings

Today we learn about the basic rules for “Chinese characters” writings. Correct stroke order, related to the speed and shape of the writing is good or bad. Therefore, it is an important part of learning Chinese.

Basic Stroke(基本笔画jīběn bǐhuà)
Chinese Character has five basic strokes. each stroke has a name in pronunciation. Here are the five strokes and their names.
Stroke     Name     Example
一         héng          广
丨         shù            川
丿         piě             白
乀         nà              八
乛         zhé            写

Stroke order(笔顺bǐshùn)
The rules of stroke order in writing Chinese characters are as follows:
十(Stroke order: 一,十。Rule: First horizontal, then vertical.)
三(Stroke order: 一,一,三。Rule: From top to bottom.)
八(Stroke order: 丿, 八。Rule: First left-falling, then right-falling.)
川(Stroke order: 丿,丨,川。Rule: From left to right.)
日(Stroke order: 丨,冂,一,日。Rule: Finish inside, then close.)
小(Stroke order: 亅,丿,丶。Rule: First the middle, then the two sides.)

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