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The literature in Autumn Equinox

Three Phases of Autumn Equinox

In ancient China, people divide the Autumn Equinox period into three phases:

The first phase is the disappearance of thunder. It is thought that thunder is the sound of the power of yang qi, and after Autumn Equinox the yin qi gains momentum, resulting in no thunder.

The second phase is the hiding of worms from soil. As the weather gets colder, the insects start to hide in their caves and seal the cave mouth with soil to prevent the intrusion of cold air.

The third phase is the decrease of rainfall. Due to the dry weather, the water evaporates fast, and thus the amount of water in lakes decreases, and some swamps and pools go dry.

Poems of Tang Dynasty about the Autumn Equinox

Enjoy the Moon in Mid-autumn
by Li Pin (Tang Dynasty)

Autumn Equinox stops tonight,
The moon is bright.
It appears from the deep blue sea,
Walking through the distant place.
The sky is clean,
All monsters wish not to be seen.
The scene cannot be compared,
But will stop by the cock crow.

A Clear Evening
by Du Fu (Tang Dynasty)

The sunset is still bright,
Afterlight stays in the sky.
The rainbow crosses the river,
Few raindrops in the gorge.
My dear guest will fly away like wild geese;
I will stay here like a bear getting fat.
He will be here this autumn equinox,
Dew on the bamboo tells the night

Weather Proverbs about the Autumn Equinox

Proverbs about cold and warm weather:

If it is cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon, then wait for half a month for it to rain.

Forecasting future weather:

If it is sunny on the autumn equinox, then it will be dry for a long time.

Sunny autumn equinoxes lead to long droughts.

If it is rainy on the autumn equinox, there it will be cold on Cold Dew Day.

Rainy autumn equinoxes lead to harvests next year.

Proverbs about the autumn equinox in Hunan and Hebei provinces:
Rainy autumn equinox, cold Cold Dew. (Hunan)
The rain on the autumn equinox lasts for a long time. (Hunan)
North wind on the autumn equinox is cold, man. (Hunan)
It rains a lot on the autumn equinox. (Hebei)
Cold rain on the autumn equinox foretells an early spring. (Hebei)
Snow begins with the autumn equinox. (Hebei)
Fog on the autumn equinox foretells snow before the nine days after the Winter Begins. (Hebei)
The colder the autumn equinox, the hotter the next summer. (Hebei)
East wind on the autumn equinox foretells a drought next year. (Hebei)
If there are more north wind days around the autumn equinox, the frost comes earlier. (Hebei)

Proverbs of other areas about the weather of the Autumn Equinox:

A rainy autumn equinox will lead to a harvest in the coming year. (Jiangsu)
It is always rainy on the autumn equinox. (Liaoning)
There is wind and frost around the autumn equinox. (Inner Mongolia)
If there is rain and lightning flashing, the snow and rain will be less. (Shanxi)
Cold autumn equinox night, it will be dry. (Guangxi)
The frog still calls after the autumn equinox, then there is heavy rain to the end of autumn. (Shandong)
Northwest winds on the autumn equinox, and there are clouds and rain in the early spring. (Guangxi)
Northwest winds on the autumn equinox, there are more rain and snow in the winter. (Jiangsu)
Northwest winds on the autumn equinox foretell rain next year. (Anhui)
Northwest winds on the autumn equinox, and there will be more rain in the last month of the year. (Anhui)
There will be wind after the autumn equinox. (Inner Mongolia)

Agricultural Proverbs about the Autumn Equinox

White Dew too early, Cold Dew too late,
The autumn equinox will be the proper time to sow the wheat.
If sown at the right time, there will be harvest every year,
If not, you will receive none.
If sown at the wet then at the dry field,
The seeds will sprout right the seven days.
Keep up the management of the late autumn crops,
Do not miss the harvest.
The cotton plants blossom in the central branch,
Pick them up in four to six days.
They are of the best quality,
The seeds should be kept.
Sow the spinach and shallots,
Water and fertilize the cabbage.
Cover the greenhouse in winter,
Plant the tomato and cucumber.
Keep storing straw silage,
Breed the livestock at the right time.
Fine fodder for fish can not be reduced,
Harvest and sell them lotus roots.

Song Ci about the Autumn Equinox

Rouged Lips
By Xie Yi

Pleasant Autumn Equinox,
Cool breeze and cold dew.
Half of the autumn has passed.
The moon is bright,
Osmanthus’s fragrance is sweet-scented.
Beautiful dancers in long white skirts,
Light the flying temple.
Glorious dresses wave.
People on the silver bridge leave,
The music of pipes plays through the night.

Prelude to Water Melody
By Wu Qian

Mid-autumn has passed,
But the moon tonight is bright.
The full moon last night,
Seemed a little cut.
The clouds and fog are driven away,
The clear night and moon show their face,
Just as I wished.
Pour the wine and drink by myself,
I feel great and unconventional.
I wanted to ask her the reason she left,
We are too young to know the growth of white hair.
Millions of days like today,
Million of people like me,
Who arranged this? How could I fly away?
Go to the moon and stay.

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