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The Most Strange & Hardest Characters Of All Time

HK Newspaper Mingpao News (明报) found the 23 hardest Chinese characters selected from Kangxi Dictionary (康熙字典, the chinese dictionary edited in Qing dynasty). Few Chinese have seen these characters, including pronunciation and meaning. 香港明报报道,网友在网上组织的一个“最难汉字”评选活动中选出20多个长相奇特的汉字,一般人看了,个个都摸不着头脑。

1. This is the word “Exorcism”
中文的 “驱魔”,得票最多。

2. This is the word “noodle”
This is a noodle in Shaan xi.

3. This is the word “one”
In Chinese is “一”. but it looks just like scrabble.
这是”一”的 异体字 。

4. This is the word “cheat”
What a cheater!!

5. This is the word “flying squirrel”
Explain : A bird in farms is flying squirrel….
田中有鸟叫做 “飞鼠”,一种鼠型飞鸟,拼音:lěi。

6. This is the word “Flying Dragon”
共84画,龙在云端飞翔,为日本汉字,这个字读おとど otodo, たいと taito and だいと daito。

7. This is the word “River”
You probably can figure this word out because it have waves.
“河” 的古字,拼音:cún,河流的意思。

8. This is the word “thunder”.
What a hard word!!!
“雷” 的古字,解释为行雷。

9. This is the word “love”
Love ?? Hmm… love is really complex….
恋 的异体字,爱情果然很复杂。

10. This is the word “mouth”
This is not a triangle, it’s a mouth…
口 的异体字. 不是三角形喔

11. This is the hardest character
This character contains 64 strokes, and has the meaning of chatter.
The Unicode is U+2A6A5.

12. This is the word “yard”
This word made by a lot of tree…
这个字是 庭 的古字,拼音:yòu,解释为庭园。

13. This is the word “herbaceous”
The word herbaceous , just like a folks.
中文的 “葵”.

14. This is the word “Nation”
Combined Chinese words mountain and farm.
“邦“ 的古字。

15. This is the word “peace”
What a peace square word.
“祇” 的古字,拼音:zhǐ,意思是支。

16. This is the word “commend”
Double door is commend ?
“褒” 的古字。

17. This is the word “lamb”
According to this word, it should be big “sheep”, but this is represent “lamb”.
“小羊”的古字。不是写大羊吗?哪里小了 ?

18. This is the word “announce”
Before you announce, please pass the maze…
“亘” = 宣 还真是个迷宫;另解:“互”的异体字,这是古代的互联网么?

19. This is the word “Bad luck”
Just bad luck…
“衰” 的古字.

20. This is the word “celestial”
A man stand on the mountain.
“仙” 的古字,人在山上方成仙。

21. This is the word “suffix”
“丁“ 的古字,难怪会说 “一丁点儿”

22. This is the word “one”…
Again, this is the word one.
壹 的古字。

23. This is the word “Giant”
巨 的古字,纠结的巨人。


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