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Wen Tingjun (温庭筠): Travelling Early to Shangshan

Travelling Early to Shangshan
Wen Tingjun


温庭筠 〔唐代〕

槲叶落山路,枳花明驿墙。(明驿墙 一作:照驿墙)

Morning start move journey bell
Traveller travel sorrow home
Cock noise thatched cottage moon
Person footstep plank bridge frost
Mongolian oak leaf fall hill road
Citron blossom bright post station wall
Still think Duling dream
Wild duck goose full pond
In the morning, he starts to move at the journey bell,
He travels, thinking sorrowfully of his home.
A cock crows; a thatched cottage; the moon;
On the planks of the bridge, his footsteps mark the frost.
Mongolian oak leaves fall on the mountain road,
Citron blossom’s bright by the post house wall.
Still his thoughts are of his dream of Duling,
The pond full of geese and wild ducks.
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