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Zhang Chao Poem: Song of the Southern Rivershore - 张潮《江南行》








[1] 茨菰(cí ɡū):慈姑。多年生草本植物,生在水田里,叶子像箭头,开白花。地下有球茎,黄白色或青白色,可以吃。“茨菰叶烂”之时当为秋末冬初。

[2] 西湾:江边某处。

[3] 犹未还:一作“不见还”。

[4] 凤凰山:虚指某山。

Song of the Southern Rivershore

Zhang Chao

When leaves fell in decay, you left the western bay,

But you have not come back now lotus blossoms sway.

My dream oft lingers on the stream or by the fountain,

But you are said to be far away in the mountain.

A merchant’s wife on the southern rivershore longs for her husband who left her in autumn but has not come back in summer. She compares her longing to the long river, but her husband is far away in the far-off mountain.


The poem “A Journey to the South of the River” is a seven-part poem written by Zhang Chao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem is written in the candid tone of a merchant woman, who expresses her love from the perspective of her wanderer’s erratic travels and uncertain return, and expresses the heroine’s longing for her husband who has been absent for a long time. The poem first recalls the time and place of separation, and then goes on to talk about the absence of her husband’s return, and then writes about the great difference between dreams and reality. The language of the poem is simple and natural, the strokes are delicate, the writing is bright and subtle, the words are shallow but the feelings are deep, and the ending has endless rhymes.

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