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Li Yi Poem: A Date – 李益《写情》








[1] 水纹:席子上的花纹像水的波纹,因此称水纹。

[2] 珍簟(diàn):贵重的竹席。

[3] 佳期:与情人的约会。

A Date

Li Yi

On bamboo mat I long for you without a break,

Coming from afar, you don’t keep the date you make.

From now on, I won’t care for any lovely night;

In vain on the west tower may the moon shine bright.

The poet describes a woman waiting for her lover who has not kept his promise.


“A Date” is a poem written by Li Yi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts the feelings of disappointment, helplessness and even despair when the main character does not arrive at his date with the woman he likes. In the poem, the protagonist looks through the autumn water and waits hard, but the woman is disappointed, so he is extremely disappointed, which graphically expresses the pain of lost love. The poem’s language is simple and concise, using beautiful scenery to set off and render the sorrowful feelings, using virtual techniques to highlight the characters, and the poem is subtle and profound, which is unique among the many small poems describing the love affairs of men and women in the Tang Dynasty, and has been recited by the world.

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