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A Heavenly Woman's Imprisoned in the Palace (Buddhist Dancers) -Li Yu (李煜)

A Heavenly Woman’s Imprisoned in the Palace (Buddhist Dancers)
Li Yu

李煜 〔五代〕


Peng lai compound shut heaven level woman
Painted hall day sleep people not speak
Throw pillow jade cloud glossy
Embroidered clothes smell extraordinary fragrance
Secretly come pearl lock move
Startle wake silver screen dream
Face freely smile full full
Mutual watch not limit love
A heavenly woman’s imprisoned in the palace at Penglai Hill,
All are silent as she sleeps by day in the painted hall.
Her glossy hair is spread like cloud on the pillow,
Her embroidered clothes bear a wondrous fragrance.
I secretly come and slide the pearl lock back,
She’s startled from her dream behind the silver screen.
Her smiling face is overflowing with bliss,
We gaze at each other with unbounded love.
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