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Du Fu Poem: A Moonlit Night – 杜甫《月夜》












[1] 鄜(fū)州:今陕西省富县。

[2] 闺中:此指妻子。

[3] 云鬟:形容女子头发蓬松的样子。

[4] 虚幌:轻薄透明的帷帐。

A Moonlit Night

Du Fu

On the moon over Fuzhou which shines bright,

Alone you would gaze in your room tonight.

I’m grieved to think our little children dear

Too young to yearn for their old father here.

Your cloudlike hair is moist with dew, it seems;

Your jade-white arms would feel the cold moonbeams.

O when can we stand by the window side,

Watching the moon with our tear traces dried?

As a refugee, the poet writes this poem to his wife far away in Qiang Village at Fuzhou.


“A Moonlit Night” is a poem in five lines written by Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, when the author was banned from Chang’an and thought of his family. This poem uses imagination to express his wife’s thoughts about himself and his own thoughts about his wife. The first couplet imagines his wife looking at the moon in Shaanxi Province and thinking of himself, which expresses the poet’s feeling of missing his family in Chang’an; the third couplet says that his children look at the moon with their mother but do not understand their mother’s feeling of missing their relatives, which shows the poet’s feeling of missing his children and being considerate of his wife; the neck couplet writes about his imaginary wife looking at the moon and thinking of her, which is full of sadness; the last couplet expresses the hope that we will meet in the future and look at the moon together, which contrasts with the suffering of longing for each other today. The whole poem is novel in conception, close in chapter, clear as words, sincere in feeling and touching in feeling.

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