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All My Life, I Have Loved It (Picking Mulberries) -Ouyang Xiu (歐陽修)

All My Life, I Have Loved It (Picking Mulberries)
Ouyang Xiu

欧阳修 〔宋代〕


All life do love west lake good
Come crowd red wheel
Riches and honours float cloud
Head down head up flow years twenty springsReturn come precisely like distant east crane
City wall people
Meet eye all new
Who recognise that year old governor
All my life, I have loved it- West Lake is good.
A crowd around the red wheels,
Riches and honours are floating clouds,
Look down, look up, the years flow on, twenty springs have passed.Now returned, I look like a crane from the distant east.
The people around the city walls,
All are new that meet the eye,
Who can remember their governor from those olden days?
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