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Chinese Food – Hunan Cuisine

Hunan cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines with a long history in China. It has been a cuisine since the Han Dynasty. To Xiangjiang Region, Dongting Lake, and western Hunan mountain in three flavors based flavor.


Hunan cuisine is made finely, with a wide range of materials, various tastes, and a wide variety of varieties; the color is oily, heavy and rich, and affordable; the taste focuses on spicy, fragrant, and tender; the preparation method is simmered, stewed, waxed, and steamed, Fry all the methods well known.

hunan cuisine duck


Basic features

Hunan cuisine has always attached importance to the mutual matching of raw materials, and the tastes penetrate each other. Hunan cuisine is particularly spicy. Due to its geographical location, Hunan has a mild and humid climate, so people like to eat hot peppers for refreshing and dehumidification. At the same time, stir fry is also a specialty of Hunanese cooking.

Spicy Crayfish


Cooking characteristics

It has a long history. Among the three major types of cooking techniques: hot cooking, cold cooking, and sweetening, each type has a few and dozens of techniques. Relatively speaking, the simmering skills of Hunan cuisine are even better, almost reaching the point of perfection. Simmering can be divided into red simmering and white simmering in terms of color change.

Chopped Pepper Fish Head

In terms of seasoning, there are clear soup simmering, thick soup simmering and milk soup simmering. Simmer on low heat, the original flavor. Some dishes are crystal clear and mellow, some are pure and nourishing, some are soft and glutinous, and some are crispy and delicious. Many simmered dishes have become famous delicacies in Hunan cuisine.

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