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Du Fu Poem: Coming Back to Qiang Village – 杜甫《羌村三首》
















[1] 峥嵘:山高峻的样子,这里形容天空中云层重叠。

[2] 妻孥(nú):妻子。

[3] 遂:如愿。

[4] 歔欷(xū xī):感叹的样子。

[5] 夜阑:夜深。

Coming Back to Qiang Village (Ⅰ)

Du Fu

Like rugged hills hangs gilt-edged cloud;

The sunset sheds departing ray.

The wicket gate with birds is loud,

When I come back from far away.

At my appearance starts my wife;

Then calming down, she melts in tears.

Happy, I come back still in life,

While people drift in bitter years.

My neighbors look over the wall;

They sigh and from their eyes tears stream.

When night comes, candles light the hall;

We sit face to face as in dream.

This poem describes the reunion of the poet’s family at Qiang Village.


Three Poems from ”Coming Back to Qiang Village” is a set of five poems written by Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poems were written by Du Fu when he was sent back to Qiang Village in Shaanxi Province (north of Fuxian County, Shaanxi Province) to visit his family after he had angered Emperor Su Zuozong by writing a letter to rescue Fang Kuan. The first poem focuses on the poet’s initial surprise at home; the second poem describes the poet’s ambivalence after his return home; the third poem is about the neighbors’ condolences with wine, reflecting the life of the general public through the words of the fathers and elders. The three poems, with different contents, show the life of Du Fu when he returned home to his relatives from three perspectives, objectively and truly reproducing the miserable situation of the common people who were starving and cold, separated from their wives and families, and unable to maintain their livelihood, constituting a “trilogy of returning home” and a “picture of the chaos of the Tang Dynasty The poem is a “trilogy of returning home” and a “picture of the chaos of the Tang Dynasty. The whole poem is a combination of narrative, lyricism and scenery, with a rigorous structure and simple language, reflecting Du Fu’s poetic style.

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