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How Many Tears (Gazing at the South) -Li Yu (李煜)

How Many Tears (Gazing at the South)
Li Yu

李煜 〔五代〕

多少泪,沾袖复横颐。心事莫将和泪说,凤笙休向月明吹,肠断更无疑。(沾袖 一作:断脸;月明 一作:泪时)

How many tears
Cut face repeat across cheek
Worry not with together tears speak
Phoenix flute not to tears time play
Heart break more without doubt
How many tears
Criss-cross your cheeks and run across your face!
Don’t try to speak when worry makes you weep,
Nor play the flute when it will bring your tears,
Or surely then your heart will break.
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