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Light Mist Envelopes the Dim Moon (Buddhist Dancers) -Li Yu (李煜)

Light Mist Envelopes the Dim Moon (Buddhist Dancers)
Li Yu

李煜 〔五代〕


Flower bright moon dim enveloped light mist
Today night good to darling side to
stockings tread fragrant steps
Hand carry gold thread shoes
Painted hall south side meet
One time snuggle person tremble
Servant be out come hard
Teach you reckless love
Light mist envelopes the dim moon and bright flowers,
A perfect night to go to her darling’s side.
In stocking soles, she treads the fragrant steps,
And carries in one hand her gold threaded shoes.
They meet by the south side of the painted hall,
And trembling fall into each other’s arms.
“It’s hard for me to creep out like a servant,
To teach my darling the recklessness of love.”


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