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Luo Binwang Poem: Farewell on River Yi – 骆宾王《于易水送人》








[1] 易水:水名。在今河北易县,战国时属燕(yān)国。战国末年燕太子丹曾在此地为壮士荆轲送行。

[2] 燕丹:指战国时期燕国太子,名丹。

[3] 冠(ɡuān):帽子。

[4] 没(mò):死去。

[5] 犹:副词。还,仍然。

Farewell on River Yi

Luo Binwang

The hero left his friend

With angry hair on end.

The martyr’s now no more,

The waves cold as of yore.

The hero and martyr refers to Jing Ke who left his friends on River Yi and planned to kill the king of Qin but failed.


A poem written by Luo Binwang, a literary scholar of the Tang Dynasty, is entitled “Farewell to a Friend at Yi Shui”. The poem describes the feelings of the author when he was bidding farewell to his friend at Yishui, and uses the chanting of history as a metaphor for the present. The first two lines of the poem describe the place where the author saw off his friend by chanting about ancient events; the second two lines are words of nostalgia and sadness, expressing the author’s emotion. The poem is cleverly conceived, the language is subtle, the meaning is far-reaching, the feelings are strong, and the tone is bleak.

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