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Wang Bo Poem: In the Mountains – 王勃《山中》








[1] 山中:高步瀛在《唐宋诗举要》卷八中说,此诗“疑咸亨二年(671)寓巴蜀时作”。

[2] 滞:停滞。

[3] 况属:碰巧遇到。况,何况。属,一作“复”。

[4] 高风:秋高气爽时的风,即秋风。

In the Mountains

Wang Bo

The Long River grieves over my long stay,

For my home is a thousand miles away.

Now blows the evening wind so high;

From mountain to mountain yellow leaves fly.

The poet staying in the mountains thinks of his home far away when autumn leaves fall.


“In the Mountains” is a poem written by Wang Bo, a writer of the Tang Dynasty. This poem expresses the author’s thoughts and feelings of longing to return to his hometown after being stranded in a foreign land for a long time. The first line, “The Yangtze River is sad and stagnant,” is both a description of the scenery and an expression of emotion, with the emotion arising from the scenery and the scenery giving rise to the emotion. The third line is about the weather, following the meaning of the previous two lines, and the cold windy night in late autumn makes people feel sad. The poem’s language is concise and the scenes are well-integrated, creating a typical image of a wanderer at the end of the world. The rich imagery renders the atmosphere sad and desolate, setting off the poet’s miserable state of mind of longing for his return.

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